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Exner Horizon Match float - 80910

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Horizon is the name of the newly developed products of Exner, which help long distance throws that have been unreachable up to now. Naturally the big throws can be carried out with the use of a suitable fishing rod. We suggest using a 4.5 but rather 4.8 m long, minimum 30 but rather 40-50 g of throwing weight match rod. The primary cons ideration was during the building of the floats is the use of light-weight but very strong materials. We chose balsa wood as the basic material of the floats’ body again. We did not chose polyuterane foam, because we do not know more light-weight material than balsa wood that also has the same structure. The match float that snaps into the water 100 m away from the angler is under extreme load. We manufactured the stem of the float from thick plastic pipe. We prepared an unusually thick fix lead weight to the new types. Because of the extreme load we built in very strong wievel. The visible part of the antenna is a painted pipe antenna that is well visible but also sensitive in the same time.

From 2007 we improve our lamella fixed weight floats with a new part. With the help of the new part the whole weight of the fixed weight can be put in front of the body of the float thus making the weight division optimal during the fly of the float. It is a great big help in reaching the maximum throw distance. The material of the new part is a special plastic (the basic material of shot-proof glass that has extraordinary firmness features). During the loading tests we could not tear out the copper screw nut with 15 kgs of burden from the plastic. An other big advantage, because of the light-weight parts, we managed to enlarge the gluing area thus in extreme circumstances (e.g. firm action rode and big float) the whole fix lead is not torn out.

The open antenna pipe can be turned upside down for better visibility. This way yellow or red antenna end can be used depending on the background.

Wrecking: 1 pieces/package

Available sizes: 30g, 35g, 40g, 45g, 50g

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