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Exner fine weighting lamellas

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From 2007 we sell very thin copper lamellas (Ø 0,5mm) in all weight diameters manufactured by us, Ø7- Ø9- Ø12- Ø15, to be able to set the floats quickly and precisely. We can freely use a lamella of Ø 7x0,5mm (0,12g) to a Ø 12mm weight for fine weighting. (In this case the difference between sizes is not a problem but we do not suggest to use in the other way, e.g. using a Ø 12x0,5mm lamella to a Ø7mm weight because the thin metal part standing out from the weight can harm the line.)

Wrecking: 10 pieces/package (unit price: 150,50 HUF)

Available sizes:
- 30008 - Ø 7 x 1 mm (0,24g)
- 30009 - Ø 9 x 1 mm (0,45g)
- 30010 - Ø 12 x 1 mm (0,8g)
- 30011 - Ø7x0,5mm (0,12g)
- 30012 - Ø9x0,5mm (0,22g)
- 30013 - Ø12x0,5mm (0,4g)
- 30014 - Ø15x0,5mm (0,7g)