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Cralusso Pro Slider float - C1087

Waggler and slider floats » Cralusso floats


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Heeding the requests of the anglers, we added to our offer this easy to use, easy to throw Slider float, which satisfies the highest demands of the hobby and sport anglers. The 3.0 gr net weight of the special slider head and the design of the PUR body give excellent flying capabilities to the float. It is mainly recommended for deep water and lakes with strong currents, when the bait needs to be sunken to the vicinity of the lakebed quickly and in a stable way.

- Simple, precise usage
- Fastest antenna and sensitivity adjustment with the help of the calibration system.
- Versatile variability for weighting
- Replaceable solid and air-filted antennas

Wrecking: 1 piece/package

Available sizes: 3+8g, 3+10g, 3+12g, 3+14g, 3+16g, 3+18g



  • Admin
    2023-10-18 10:45

    Yes, you can check every information here: https://www.fishingfloats.eu/?rules-and-policies,4

  • Fatmir
    2023-10-18 09:52

    Do you ship in Germany and what shipping cost is?

  • Admin
    2018-01-16 08:31

    As big as it is possible.. For example at 3+8g the ideal globular weight is 7g.

  • blwsaka
    2018-01-16 03:08

    What size(g) of (Cralusso globular weight with central hole - C3001) using for this float size: 3+8g, 3+10g, 3+12g, 3+16g?