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Cralusso Black Eagle float - C1080 Recommended

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Black Eagle floats have been developed for those anglers who prefer the traditional characteristics of waggler style floats but who do not want to lose the modern advantages of developments offered by Cralusso. In this design all of the floats weight carrying capacity is outside the float body and is removable so that you are able to use more weight down the line than was possible in previous versions. The Cralusso waggler concept provides huge advantages because it is a complete system where bodies, stems and antennas are freely interchangeable. When necessary, the Black Eagle float can be converted in seconds from a long, drift beater float with weight down the line, to an ultra accurate dart or, by inserting the brass discs, to a short pellet waggler with all weight at the body.

Wrecking: 1 piece/package

Available sizes: 8g, 10g, 12g, 14g, 16g

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