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Cralusso Rocket Method basket Recommended

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The latest innovation of our development workshop is the longitudinal ribbed method feeder family, for the development of which we used the most recent 3D printing technology. The longitudinal ribs on the Rocket method feeder provide excellent retention of bait, provide adequate space for the bait and reduce the possibility of hook jamming. The forwarded center of gravity and the longer stem provide excellent flight and distant casts for the method feeder. For loading, we recommend the revolutionary new SHELL loading tool, with which you can load your feeder and empty your tool the quickest and easiest way. Adapting to the needs of anglers, the method feeders can be removed from the fishing line in a moment and replaced, without disassembling the assembly. Thus providing great freedom for transport or for varying method feeders of different weights. Smaller feeders weighing 25-30-40 g are made of environmentally friendly zinc material, which do not burden our environment even in the event of rupture. For making the upper part of the bait holder feeder, we used 50% recycled raw materials.

Available sizes:
- 30 g, brown - C3305-30
- 40 g, brown - C3305-40
- 50 g, brown - C3305-50
- 70 g, brown- C3305-70
- 30 g, green - C3306-30
- 40 g, green - C3306-40
- 50 g, green - C3306-50
- 60 g, green - C3306-60
- 30 g, orange - C3307-30
- 40 g, orange - C3307-40
- 50 g, orange - C3307-50
- 60 g, orange - C3307-60
- 30 g, pink - C3308-30
- 40 g, pink - C3308-40
- 50 g, pink - C3308-50
- 60 g, pink - C3308-60
- 30 g, crystal - C3309-30
- 40 g, crystal - C3309-40
- 50 g, crystal - C3309-50
- 60 g, crystal - C3309-60