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Braid lines

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  • Cralusso Dominator 8x Braid line - C2067


    Fine-woven, quiet, moderately soft-braided fishing line with high tensile strength, wear-resistant surface and zero elongation. Thanks to its thin, special coating, it slides quietly and easily between the rings. Thus, it allows longer casts for spinning anglers even with lighter baits.

    Wrecking: 100 meter (unit price: 84,75 HUF)

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  • Cralusso Fast Sinking braid hooklength line - C2083


    We focused entirely on making this angling line sink fast. nestle to the watercourse, to be undetectable by the fish and stay at the bottom.

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  • Cralusso Feeder & Carp braid hooklength line - C2082


    This sinking braided line concentricaIly woven from 8 fibres has been developed to suit the needs of Feeder and Carp anglers. Thanks to its soft and strong design it can be a reliable and favoured equipment for anglers.

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  • Cralusso Kevline braid hooklength line - C2081


    This special angling line is made from 50% Kevtar and 50% PE fibre. Sinking design, which resists damage remarkably well, and allows use under extreme conditions.

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  • Cralusso Xtreme Braid Hooklength Line - C2080


    This braid hooklength made of the latest technology, weaving with 8 carriers, which ensure the cyclic cross-section. Due to this technology and PE fiber are ensure the precize and maximum tensile for the lines.

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