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Fogas Carbon Match float Recommended

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We would like to introduce our new match float serie, designed by Róbert Faragó competition fisherman, manufactured by Exner and tested by Fogas Fishingshop’s team. The float has a slim longish body, which helps precise casting. There is a special rubber based coating under the flexible painting, so if we use the float as a slider, the bigger leads can’t injure the body and the water couldn’t go in to it. The stem of the float is made from a slim carbon tube, which has a smooth surface, so the line can’t stick to the stem during the casting. The carbon stem is much more sensitive than the peacock and it also helps the precise casting. It is not so vulnerable and it couldn’t deflect because of the high temperature. The carbon stem makes a well visible bite, when we use very small signal leads. We give a special slider adaptor to the float. With this adaptor you can take more leads on the line, but you can use the normal adaptor without lamellas for slider fishing. There are 2 exchangeable antennas in the packaging, one of the is 2,5 mm and the other is 4 mm diameter. The length of the antennas is 4,5 cm. There are 4 types of exchangeable antennas in our range, which are compatible with these floats. You can see some samples from the using of this float on the picture.

Attention! Don't leave the float in the hot car at summer time, because the special cover of the float is sensitive for the very high temperature and because of it the painting of the float can get injured (but at this time the water couldn't go into the body of the float)! 

Maximum leads on the line without lamellas:

Adaptor type / Float size 6 g 8 g 10 g 12 g 14 g 16 g 18 g 20 g
Waggler adaptor 4 g 3,5 g 4,5 g 6,5 g 8 g 10 g 12 g 13,5 g
Slider adapor 4 g 5 g 6 g 8 g 10 g 13 g 15 g 17 g

Wrecking: 1 piece/package

Available sizes: 6 g, 8 g, 10 g, 12 g, 14 g, 16 g, 18 g, 20 g

Photos: Laszlo Farago - Farago Laszlo Photography