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Cralusso Pop-Up variable feeder basket - C3296

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This uniquely functional Pop Up feeder belongs to one of the novelties of Cralusso’s development workshop. Thanks to its special design, it has only a minimal dead weight of 2g and air-filled stems. Easily decomposing bait will provide most of the weight needed for cast. After reaching water, it sinks much slower than traditional feeders. It scans the entire water column and entices the fish there to take. When arriving at the bottom of the riverbed, grab nails placed on the ribs of the Pop Up feeder help to secure the light feeder on the ground. By slightly stretching the cord, we can make contact with the lying on the bottom, which then acts as a traditional feeder with a shorter or longer hooklength. Once the bait has loosened and it has been released, it rises from the bottom of the riverbed due to the buoyancy of the Pop Up feeder. Moving towards the surface of the water, it arouses the interest of the fish being midwater, and you can expect intense, spectacular takes from fish that attack the bait. When reaching the water surface, the stem of your Pop Up feeder appears. After this, it is advised to a wait a little, so the fish being near the water surface in warmer water can still have a chance to take your bait. With the right rhythm of the casts and the use of bait of good consistency, you can have very effective fishing. It is especially effective in warming waters near surface and during daytime periods, when fish rise to midwater due to a lack of oxygen near the bottom of the riverbed, and are virtually elusive at the bottom.

Tips for using Pop Up Feeders:
- Use a feed that decomposes easily and quickly, and works upwards
- Tighten the cord only slightly due to the low dead weight
- Cast the feeder often and rhythmically to form a vertical bait column, where we can offer bait at the most optimal depth for the fish.
- We can also successfully use our low dead weight feeder on muddy riverbeds, which will not be sink with the bait in the deep mud.